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Our goal was to cultivate the brand image and concept site to launch Root's new naturalistic health program, Seasons.



[fade]We are
of nature.[/fade]

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[fade]Root Whole Body provides holistic workshops to local businesses to promote health, well being, and conscientiousness.[/fade]


[fade]Health is dynamic, ever-changing, and incredibly reactive to big and small changes alike. Seasons is a wellness program that Root Whole Body developed upon this concept for a partnership with MODA Health. The program is attuned over the full course of a year, to enable MODA employees to sustain good health and highly balanced lives throughout the shifting seasons.

As art director for this project, I produced a series of plant scans to exemplified the changing of the seasons and make the concept immediately understandable. This also worked to reinforce to Root Whole Body's ethos, that we are microcosms of Nature. The color palette was developed to maintain Root's open, playful, and energetic attitude as well.

The branding's effect is simple, mindful, and objective – all vital elements to growing through the Seasons program.[/fade]

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