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The Mansfield family needed a website to publish their world travels, attract sponsorships, and network from on the move.


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[fade]Travelings Sons is an humanitarian and educational travel blog. It intents to understand and appreciate the increasingly connected world we live in.[/fade]


[fade]This website was created as comprehensive hub for the Mansfield's trip across five continents. We used Squarespace as the development platform so that each member of the family (including their two sons, not yet teens) could easily publish stories, photos, and discoveries from around the world. The site was designed to make all this continual content instantly accessible, while also being dynamic and impressionable to prospective sponsors.

Our first priority was to create a logo. It needed to convey both the adventuresome and educational qualities of the trip. Off-centering the sons lends to their narrative on the move. The refined type works to compliment the high spirited, yet purposeful qualities of the trip.

On a limited development budget, I made an effort to pull in as many low-cost resources to ensure the site remained as engaging and dynamic as possible. This has proven the site to be highly frequented success, and the number of blog subscribers has only continued to increase.

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