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Midwest Wire Products asked me to rebrand their entire web presence and build them a high-performance e-commerce store.


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[fade]Midwest Wire Products holds a leading standard in the manufacturing of steel carts, racks, and highly customized products.[/fade]


[fade]Midwest Wire Products needed of a complete online overhaul. Their standing website was disjointed, cluttered, and lacked the professionalism and quality their brand stands for. It was host to duplicate content, suffering severe SEO penalties, and proving to be an ineffective asset to their company.

I worked closely with them to simplify the experience of the new site as much as possible. The main goal was to make their entire product catalogue available to purchase online for the first time. Most of their products are versatile enough to be used across separate industries; the brand image needed strike balance between general application and each of the specific markets. To do so, I created intuitive navigation to immediately direct each demographic towards a confident purchase. Anyone can find, assess, and checkout all within a two clicks of landing on the site.

Creating momentum and seamless channels towards checkout is vital to online business. This strategy is a great success for Midwest Wire; a sweeping majority of their sales are now made online, through their site.[/fade]

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