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Hanuel Sky Seo is a break-out professional golfer who's determined to take the LPGA by a storm and generate amazing sponsorships.






[fade]Sky needed a professional site to present her strong performances and high-spirited personality to prospective sponsors.[/fade]




[fade]The main focus of this site is to be impressionable and attract big name athletic sponsorships. Sky is gaining momentum to enter the LPGA tour, but I knew immediately that a traditional athlete site (dry and stat info) wouldn't do her bigger than life personality justice.

Instead, I designed the site around her amazing charisma, extreme determination, and unwavering positive outlook on life. Her high performances and stats speak for themselves, but these characteristics are her "brand" as an professional athlete. Her stats are a product of her personality, so framing them this way is vital to presenting sponsors with her full potential of partnership.

Together, we teamed up with photographer Justin Novak to capture iconic images of Hanule on the course, focused and within her element. These images work as the pillars of the site's design to emphasis both her high caliber focus as well as her energetic personality.[/fade]

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