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QuickDraw has introduced a new standard of measuring tapes for contractors, craftsmen, and all manners of construction.


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[fade]QuickDraw's tape measure products allow construction workers and carpenters to measure and mark surfaces all with a single hand. Being able to do so this accurately and single-handedly is revolutionary to the industry's practice.[/fade]


[fade]The goal of the site was simple: maximize QuickDraw's online sales. The product itself brings numerous features all together into a single comprehensive tool, and is an undeniable asset to contracts and construction. In order to optimize the customer conversion rate, it was imperative to make the products and their impact immediately understandable.

The site opens with a banner demonstration video automatically playing; this first impression of the tool can be understood within seconds. Below, I implemented a simple narrative of the numerous patents and features of the tool. To keep visitor engagement and interest peeked, I provided natural links to learn more or immediately move to make the purchase with each feature.

Since launching the site in early 2016, the site traffic and conversion rates have only continued to rise, as more and more people discover QuickDraw's compelling product line. The site is now responsible for funneling the vast majority of QuickDraw's income and growing success.[/fade]

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